Partners in Time’s Got Character

One thing that strikes me about Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time is how much character Mario, Luigi, and their baby counterparts have. This is quite the accomplishment because they never say a line of dialogue and they never really had much personality to start with anyway. Who can really say what Mario’s personality is from any of the main games in the series. He likes to run and jump? Alpha Dream, the production team for M&L, have done a fantastic job of infusing Mario and Luigi with character without removing any of their Mario-ness.

The real credit should go to the sprite artists. They’ve filled each animation with so much personality that Mario and Luigi don’t ever need to talk. Luigi has an ideal animation that sums up his entire character. He’s a coward and a gentle soul who’s bolstered by his brother’s courage. He approaches fights tentatively and his idle animation when it’s not his turn in battle has him in a tiger stance that shows he has very little idea what he’s doing.

Watch here around the 1:15 mark.

I love the way he’s ready to pounce, anticipating the attack. It speaks volumes about his character. And the game is filled with tiny throw away animations that add so much.

Baby Luigi, though hasn’t yet learned what a scary place the world can be, mimics big Luigi’s stance. Partners in Time also gets big bonus points for making the Super Mario babies adorable and not annoying like all their earlier appearances.

Check it out at 3:42.

Gosh I love the little guy.


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2 responses to “Partners in Time’s Got Character

  1. Jess

    awesome. I already love them and I haven’t even played the game!

  2. Billy

    LEGO Star Wars comes to mind. There’s no dialogue, only the odd grunt, murmur or sigh, but you get a pretty hilarious impression of each character from their body language and minimal facial expressions.

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