One Sentance Status

Haven’t posted here in the past few days thanks to birthday/anniversary combo weekend. And I’ve got Gamespite obligations to finish up before the 25th so I might not hit the every day mark in the coming weeks. Note to detractors (Caciss): I am writing every day even if I’m not posting it here. Can’t really post stuff intended for publication before it’s printed, can I?

In the meantime here’s some quick stuff about what I have been playing:

Beta Tester This is a weird one. Not sure how I’ll approach the review of it. I’ve liked what I played so far, and, unlike other Comp reviewers, I’ve enjoyed the snark. (Oops, that was three sentences. Well, there goes my clever theme.)

Bowser’s Inside Story continues to be awesome. I especially liked when the bros. had to fight Bowser (whom they’ve spent the last ten hours powering up). Fun and challenging battle.

A Boy and his Blob Once you get past the archaic controls and obtuse map this game becomes a fun little adventure. Who knew?

Rock Band: Beatles (Good Morning! Good Morning!) I appreciate the easier difficulty because I can now play some songs on Expert but (nothing to do to save his life) fuck if these songs don’t get stuck in you head forever (everybody knows there’s nothing doing everything is closed, it’s like a ruin…). Kill me now.

Also, in case anyone missed it, my Gamespite Quarterly 2 article on Super Mario Bros. is now online. People say it’s a good read and who am I to argue?

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  1. AUGH I love that Mario Bros. article.

    And hell yeah, after I play Beatles Rock Band I’m at work all day mumbling to myself I WANT YOU SO BAD~

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