IFComp ’09: The Hangover

I’ve played some bad games in this competition so far but none of them were classically bad (though Invisible Man comes close). With The Hangover by Red Conine I finally got to play a traditional terrible comp game.

The Hangover is the kind of game Richard Bos complained about in his Eruption rant. It is full of spelling and grammar errors, room connections aren’t consistent (and rooms aren’t always in the direction the game describes them being), it’s badly implemented and many nouns have no descriptions, and the puzzles require much guessing of verbs.

But there is a certain charm to it. The writing is terrible, but in a very particular way that, if the game had been written by an author in control, would have been hilarious. The game doesn’t start with an intro or even a room description, just a command line. This, combined with the confusing way that the rooms are tied together, actually does a lot to create the feeling of waking up from a heavy night of drinking. I’m sure this effect was unintentional. Again, in the hands of a better author this would have been a neat trick.

The game does offer some accidental hilarity. Here are some choice bits:

> read mail
“Dear Sir, the 42nd Bank of America request that you come to our offices as you have failed to change your name on the card after you changed your own name. If you do not come to our offices and change the name on the card this said card will become useless.” You changed you name? What the hell did you do last night?

I would love if my bank sent me notifications like this, instead of the dry “your account is overdrawn” letter they normally send me.

Tennant Street
This is just a normal street. Not in the outskirts but not in the deep downtown. Just a nice normal place. Why the hell don’t you live here? Its[sic] across the park? Perhaps if you didn’t have a hangover you could realize that.

Yeah! If only I didn’t have this hangover I could realize all sorts of things.

The bus has now arrived at Corperate[sic] Street where every snooty business man works!

Come on, surely some snooty business men work on Corporate Boulevard. And finally:

>give french fries to dog

(Your score has decreased by 1)
The dog  pre=”dog “>is amazed at the tasty greasy fries. He chews and eats them as they are the highest respected french fries in the land. He is far to engrossed in his feast as the grease sinks into the dog’s system. At the peak of the dog’s happiness, the grease causes a doggy heart attack. The dog falls over and dies. You killed a dog! You and your retched clothing.

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One response to “IFComp ’09: The Hangover

  1. Metal Man Master

    As poorly written as that stuff is, accidentally killing a dog by giving it greasy french fries is an awesome dick move, I’ll give it that.

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