Bio Dreams and Ware Fasinations

I tend to have a short attention span when it comes to game. Just when I’ve started to make progress in one WHOOSH my brain is suddenly obsessed with another. I will not apologize for it! It’s like sampling a little of everything at a buffet rather than eating the whole ham by yourself. And so just as I’m starting to climb the peak in Cursed Mountain I’m suddenly super intrigued with BioWare games. You can thank Retronauts latest episode for this fascination. And so I’ve started a side play through of Mass Effect, which is fantastic to none’s surprise. I’m not going to be writing about it here because, frankly, who hasn’t written about it? Plus, I am committed to getting through Cursed Mountain.

However, I was interested to try the black sheep of BioWare’s catalogue: Sonic Chronicles.

Can anyone recommend it? OctoPrime said not to play it. He was quite insistent on the point. But then again OctoPrime’s game of the year is Borderlands. And TvTropes seems to like the game. But IGN doesn’t. But IGN sucks.

I don’t know. It’s pretty and it’s by BioWare. What to do?


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3 responses to “Bio Dreams and Ware Fasinations

  1. Not OctoPrime

    I think OctoPrime is right.

    He’s always right about everything!

  2. CJ Lowery

    You could do a lot worse than that game. But you could also do so, so much better.

  3. Metal Man Master

    If you really wanna try out Sonic Chronicles, I’d say go on and try it out. I haven’t played the game myself (yet), but I think it’s always good to bite the bullet and take a gaming risk now and then. Whether you love it or hate it, playing it yourself can give you a better perspective than you’d get from just reading reviews.

    Heck, if you don’t mind buying used and end up hating it, you can always return it within seven days. A good number of quality titles share its $17.99 used price, or lower.

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