Chrono Medley

Man, I just haven’t had any time to play games recently. I know, boo hoo. But it’s hard to maintain a daily games blog without the games. I did stumble upon this video last night and I felt it was more than worthy to share.

It’s a medley of Chrono Trigger and Cross music from a german Squaresoft tribute concert. The rest of the concert is mighty fine (if a little too focused on Final Fantasy 7 and that most overrated of fanboy favorite, One Winged Angel) but the Chrono Medley is something else. First of all, it’s an original arrangement. When it comes to these video game concerts the arrangements are often the same one again and again… with the Squaresoft ones at least. I’m not super familiar with live video game concerts so I could be wrong. Regardless, the arrangement here is one of the best I’ve heard. It weaves many themes from both Chrono games together to awesome effect. Especially at the end when both game’s main themes are combined. But I’m gushing when I should let the music speak for itself. So go! Listen!

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