Two Links

Over at a forum some guy suggested that because that one piece of concept art for the new Zelda had a similar looking Link to the one in Twilight Princess the character model in the the new game would be the same as the one used in TW. This is a stupid assumption. But it did start me thinking on how Link’s design has basically splintered into two reoccurring templates. There’s “adult” Link–the main cool guy bad ass Link–who stars in the main series games, and there’s “toon” link–Wind Waker’s kiddy kid Link–banished to handhelds. I remember how up to the previous generation each game’s Link design was a unique riff on the basic model. Call me pessimistic but I’ve got a feeling the days of unique Links are over. Adult Link is an ugly fool and Toon Link, while neat and fun, is getting a little long in the tooth so I’ve been doodling some designs that I’d like to see a new game embrace. Not that they will. The Zelda formula is tired and a million things need to be fixed and not one will. OH WELL.

Wouldn’t it be great to see a real cartoony link cartooning it up? We have the technology, we have the vision, all we need is someone with courage.

Click for large version

I like this happy fellow. He’s always smiling. The goal of this comic was to condense the whole game into eight panels. I think I succeeded.

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  1. neptronix

    Brilliant!!! this needs to be a poster.

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