Mega Man 2

I must be coming down to something cause I just lost to Metal Man. And this is just after beating Mega Man 1. Will this set the tone for the rest of the weekend? Are we going to progressively get worse at each following game? Seeing as BZ just popped on Bubble Man’s spiked celling the answer is yes. Yes we are.

I think my problem is I grew up playing on “Normal” (i.e. easy) mode and thus the muscle memory in my hands remembers enemies taking far less hits to kill. Also, those walking tower things didn’t freak out when you hit them. I don’t know what BZ’s problem is. Maybe it’s his lack of hands.

BZ: I have no idea what he means by that. I wouldn’t be typing this if he were correct.

Loki makes a, “Crash! Let’s do it!” reference. Way to ruin a perfectly good morning. We discuss how Metal Blade destroying everything so easily may, in fact, be a glaring design flaw.

Mega Man 2 is going much, much more smoothly than its predecessor. We’re barely thirty minutes in and Loki has already Metal Bladed the first 6 robot masters into oblivion. If we can continue this blistering pace, we may end the day ahead of schedule- which will give us more than enough time to finish Mega Man 10 before I fly back to LA on Sunday night.

Loki discusses his love of Quick Man’s music. It IS a damn catchy song- the music really hit its stride in this game, and maybe even its pinnacle. We discuss this some more while shutters collapse over Loki’s head: 2 has some amazing tunes, and Loki adds that he likes the music in 5 as well. He pegs 4 as the worst, leading to an impromptu humming of its stage select theme. I observe that the soundtrack in 2 has a tremolo fetish.

We’re now on the Wily stages. The music here has the worst case of tremolo-itis yet. And it is glorious.

Wily 3’s music is much more subdued. Loki comments that he likes how the Wily music in this game starts off as being a super “kick-ass” theme and then gives way to a much eerier theme a few stages in and eventually trails away entirely, leaving only silence in the last level.

The giant robot fish in Wily 3 are an oddity- they don’t match the visual style of the rest of the game at all.

Fifteen minutes later, and we’ve now died four times on the turret boss. Loki apologizes profusely and I threaten to wring his neck.

Loki: And despite a snag on the boss gauntlet (wasted all my e-tanks on the turrets) and Alien Wily being super durable to bubble lead on hard the game is beat! Mega Man walks home through the seasons, dejected that there’s nothing else to blow up, and wondering if Alien Wily’s life completely filling up when hit with the Mega buster was part of the design or if it was a bug. We may never know, now that this peace keeping robot is in the works…


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3 responses to “Mega Man 2

  1. I don’t know what Tremolo is but I love the music in that game, especially Wily stage 1! The turret boss is only difficult because you have to be super precise with where you but the crash bombs because if you run out of them you are out of luck!

  2. Metal Man Master

    You got exploded by Metal Man? I’ve been there, that’s for sure. Metal Man’s still a pretty easy starting boss considering the more predictable aspects of his attack pattern, but his armor’s not quite as “made of cardboard on the game’s original difficulty setting. He still falls like a chump to his own weapon, even though it takes two instead of one.

    Have you guys ever managed the disappearing block area in Heat Man’s stage without using Item-2? I’ve only managed it twice, though there’s only two blocks you really have to worry about.

  3. Philip Armstrong

    I’ve never bothered to do it in MM2 but I’ve done it many many many times in MM9 Endless Mode.

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