Mega Man Make-Out Sleepover Marathon

When Mega Man 9 was announced back in 2008 a good internet friend of mine suggested that we should get together and play through the series up to it in order to celebrate its retro-y goodness. The only thing stopping us was some six hundred odd miles and that he was probably a creepy serial murder thief rapist. You know when a celebrity like Jim Gaffigan shows up on Law and Order and you just know they’re going to turn out to be a creepy clown who eats kids? Just like that. Suffice to say, the plan feel through and this internet pal of mine (online handle: Backstabber Zero or I should say The Origami Killer!!!) and I never met up.

Robot leap forward two years and one Mega Man 10 announcement later  and Backstabber is up to his old tricks. “We’ll play through all the games and I’ll even play for the plane ticket myself. It’ll be a grand ol’ time!” So now here I am with a psychomanic internet guy in my house and the only thing standing between me and a slow, painful Hostel torture death is hours upon hours of Mega Man.

Welcome to Mega Man Make-Out Sleepover Marathon Aught Ten

The Rules

Over the course of the next three days Backstabber (or BZ or Muir or The Hatchet Man of San Francisco or whatever he goes by these days) and I are going to play through Mega Man 1 through 6, the fan de-make of 7 if there’s time, 9, and finally 10 which, miraculously, we’ve both avoided the temptation to play even though the rest of the world has enjoyed it for twelve whole days! 8 gets the boot because of time constraints and that it doesn’t have an 8-bit aesthetic. Yes, yes. I know there’s a de-make out for it. But Youtube videos indicate that it’s not too much different except for the graphical change. Rumor has it that the de-make of 7 changes the game as the smaller sprites do a lot to remedy the problems that plague the original so it gets special consideration in our marathon (if there’s time).

In true after-school-parent’s-basement style we’ll be honoring the “Life or Level” rule, which stipulates that the controller be handed off to the other player after a level is cleared or a life is lost. The exception will be Mega Man 2 if I can convince BZ to play co-op.

I have also instituted a “No Charge Shot rule.” Except for rare occasions where it might be situationally useful we will not be using the power buster’s charge shot. For too long it has ruined the balance and pacing of the series. Plus, when charging up the buzzing sound drowns out the music, which is by far its highest crime. BZ reluctantly agreed to this rule as he is a fan of stupid game breaking “upgrades.” I’m sure he’ll find that the games are much more fun to play without it.

We’ll be live-blogging this whole experience so be sure to check in often throughout the weekend to witness the downward spiral as we play as many Mega Man games as we can fit into 67 hours. On the docket for today: Mega Man 1-4… that is if we ever get started. But BZ passed out from a cocktail of meth, heroin, and Dr. Kentucky’s Real Beer Jubilee. If he ever wakes this is going to be good times. Otherwise, I’ve got a body to hide. Either way, wish me luck.


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2 responses to “Mega Man Make-Out Sleepover Marathon

  1. L

    But… charge shots are the thing that makes those irritating Sniper Joes bearable!

    Also to call Rockman 7 Famicom a “de”make is to do it a lingual injustice. If anything, it is Mega Man 7 reborn in the true sense of the word.

  2. TheSL

    Don’t forget that there are some stupid enemies that can’t be beaten without the use of the charge shot (the Skull/Crystal Joes in IV and V come to mind).

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