Mega Man 5

We played Mega Man 5 while drinking and not in a blogging mode. So here we’re just going to take a quick opportunity to talk about it a little.

BZ: 5 has always been one of my favorites even though everyone hates it. After this marathon I still really like it but I don’t think it’s my favorite. Gravity Man’s level has a great gimmick but it isn’t pushed far enough, Gyro Man has the elevator section that would be used again so many times in the rest of the series, the bubble generator in Wave Man’s stages are all really good.

Loki: Wave Man’s stage is one of the best looking ones in all the series.

BZ: But for all the interesting bits there’s a lot of nondescript parts too. I do like in Dark Man 5 where you have to shoot blocks to drop the ceiling but otherwise the rest of the endgame is bland. Actually, I do like those trail of blocks that move through the sky that you have to stay on top of. Those are neat.

Loki: Yeah but Mario did those first and MM5 doesn’t expand on the idea.

I like the graphics and music a lot. It’s a much better looking than 4 or 5. The graphics are much more coherent. And some of the musical themes are standouts. Wave Man and Charge Man especially. Charge Man’s theme has that same poignant quality that Magnet Man’s song has. Like the song could mean something more than just “robots on a train”

BZ: 5’s Mega buster is over-powered in 5. It makes the game too easy, invalidates the weapons (not that they’re particularly useful), and even is the best choice against most, if not all, of the bosses.

Loki: I’d still rank it as one of the most “fun” games in the series. Maybe because it’s so easy. Speaking of ranking the games let’s move onto our overall series rankings:

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