IF Comp ’10: R (non-review)

R by therealeasterbunny

I wasn’t going to review R as it is for Windows and I am actually Justin Long. I still am not going to review it, but my good friend Christian Lowery (who’s blog you should read because it is interesting and ambitious) instant messaged me with a proposition. Why not let him play the game, seeing as he has a Windows machine. and I could put his impressions up here. A deal was struck, a game was played, a chat-log was posted.

(As I did not play it R, I will not be voting on it. This is for completion purposes only.)

Christian: so, which game on the IF comp is windows exclusive?

Phil: um!

Phil: Lemme look

Phil: R, by therealeasterbunny

Christian: maybe I might write it up

Christian: then you can do what you wish with said write up

Phil: Special guest blog?

Christian: whatever you want with it

Christian: but I would hate to see a hole in your blog

Phil: Eh.

Phil: Homebrew games usually are the worst anyway.

Phil: Homebrew IF that is.

Christian: holy crap, never mind

Christian: this uses a PDA engine

Christian: so I have to click the letters

Phil: Wha?

Phil: Why would you do that? The keyboard is RIGHT THERE.

Christian: and it is also written in pirate speak

Phil: Oh I get it “r”

Christian: that’s the extent of the cleverness

Phil: If you still want to write up something short I’ll post it.

Christian: I found another interpreter


>X dagger

“X” is a word I don’t know…sorry!

>look dagger

Arrr… it be small n’ dagger-like

Christian: at this point why are you fucking bothering

Phil: Cause you think you can program.

Christian: it’s using the Scott Adams engine

Christian: no programming is even involved there

Christian: http://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archiveXscott-adamsXinterpretersXscottfree.html you can use this one for the mac if you are so inclined

Phil: Hmmmmmmm… Maybe I am.

Christian: it is basically unplayable

Phil: Most windows only are.

Christian: well, the walkthrough was inaccurate and this game is incomprehensible otherwise

Christian: so I’m done

Phil: you know you’ve got a winner when the walkthrough doesn’t help.

Christian: there’s a maze of twisty passages

Christian: although since there are no room descriptions

Christian: that sums up the entire game

Phil: Ahahaha

Christian: also you have to drop a telescope on the ground then pick it up and use it

Christian: that is in the walkthrough

Christian: also, the Scott Adams engine doesn’t tell you your input

Christian: which is great for mazes

Phil: Jeez.

Phil: Why would someone make one in 2010?

Christian: he just saw get lamp

Phil: That’s not a bad theory.

Christian: it’s also in the walkthrough

Christian: he just saw get lamp and used the easiest engine

Phil: Ha!

Phil: Well I’m glad Get Lamp is inspiring people.

Christian: has he paid attention to the community? they will eat him alive

Phil: I’m thinking I might just post this chat.

Christian: Well, in that case, I am torn because on one hand, he tried very hard to show off his creative vision. On the other hand, he’s creatively blind

Phil: That’s never stopped anyone from entering the Comp.

Christian: There are real puzzles and he definitely tried to create a cohesive universe, but the whole thing reeks of him well… watching a movie and thinking “oh, that’s neat!”

Christian: he sees why IF works, but not how.

Christian: Not to mention that the entire thing is written in pirate speak when it’s written at all

Phil: That could be entertaining. The game last year that spoke all in fake medieval was one of my favorites.

Christian: But was that the extent of it’s creative endeavor? This just works with you being a pirate. You evade sharks, collect sharp things, there’s mention of a parrot. It’s not even a love for genre, it’s just an acknowledgement

Phil: That’s never stopped people from making a game before.

Christian: “These are the criteria to make a pirate game”

Christian: I don’t fault him for creating R  (Pronounced: Arrrr)

Christian: It’s pretty obviously a first effort. The more effete of the IF community will probably scoff at the puzzles, but he at the very least has a rudimentary understanding of how puzzles work

Phil: So would you want to see more by this author?

Christian: A better grounding in how IF works. I am going to mitigate my criticisms by saying he obviously has some talent by virtue of making this game alone.

Christian: If Get Lamp really grabbed the guy, and if he starts to dig around to see what the medium has to offer, I think he could release something decent by this time next year

Christian: I think he really did himself a disservice by entering R (Pronounced: Arrrr) in IFComp because the response will not be kind

Phil: That’s why people say don’t enter your first game. It will be bad and make you feel bad.

Christian: Yes, make no mistake. R is awful. If there are worse games this year, it will solely be by virtue of this man’s enthusiasm saving virtually anything else

Phil: That settles it. Worst place!

Christian: So if for whatever reason the creator of R is reading this, I’d like to advise him to not give up hope and try to make something he can be proud of

Christian: IF is going to live or die by the enthusiasm of the creators, and I’d hate for one creative misstep to kill the enthusiasm of anyone

Christian: I hope it isn’t worst place, because someone out there has to be more cynical about this sort of thing.  R was awful, but I can’t fault the creator for trying

Phil: I think that’s a good ending point, you?

Christian: Yeah

Phil: Cool. Thanks!

Christian: that was a good time

Christian: if you want to do any more like that, let me know

Phil: Sure thing.

Christian: I am not going to play through all of them simply due to lack of interest compounded by a more severe lack of free time but I will give a few that interest me and any you want me to take a look at a shot

Phil: I will hold you to that

Christian: and I will deliver ramblings that have very little to do with the game

Phil: That is the best way.

Christian: please do edit my commas into something that makes sense though

Phil: I will do no such thing.


Christian: I see what you did there

Phil: It is as clever as “r”

Christian: (pronounced: Arrr)

Phil: Now that is the real end.

Christian: lord I hope not

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