IF Comp ’10: A Quiet Evening at Home

A Quiet Evening at Home by anonymous

Blurb: They say you should write what you know. Sorry.

Expectations: Dismal. When the author apologizes in the blurb you know things are going to be bad. There is an off-chance that this is a stealth parody that will defy all my assumptions and offer a rich experience…

But I doubt it.

A word about spoilers: I’m of the opinion that to properly review a game there needs to be an open discourse. You can’t get to the heart of a game if you limit yourself to only talking about certain parts of it. Spoilers, I got ‘em! I can and will gleefully spoil all aspects of the game: from plot points to puzzle solutions to endings; I won’t hold back. Of course, I won’t do so needlessly. I’m not going to spoil a big twist just ’cause. But if it’s pertinent to my review I won’t kowtow away from it. You have been warned.

Well, A Quiet Evening at Home has one thing going for it: it’s bug free. Otherwise, it fulfilled my every expectation. A short little game about doing some chores and then going to bed. Any difficulty comes from the  fiddly minutia necessary to complete the chores, compounded by a helping of Guess The Verb (I can’t fill the bowl with water, put water in the bowl, put the bowl under the faucet, put the bowl in the sink, or pour water into the bowl; nope, I’ve got to “put water in soup”).

And talk about a missed opportunity. I’ve got a hamster. I’ve got a microwave. At least give me some sort of clever response. But no, I’m just told that I should only put food in the microwave. Sigh.

If you’re not willing to put your name on your game, don’t enter it into the Comp and waste everyone’s time (funnily enough, wasting time is one of the game’s primary tasks). There’s nothing really wrong here ( aside from the soup deal), but there’s nothing worthwhile either. Coding exercises are all well and good, but please keep them to yourself.


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2 responses to “IF Comp ’10: A Quiet Evening at Home

  1. Kevin S

    Actually there is a major bug at the beginning. If there’s no obvious countdown at the beginning of the game I take my time checking out the surroundings, trying the 5 senses, magic words, etc. But in this game if you don’t take the key out of your backpack before your character gets desperate, any attempt to do so is met with a comment that you should “stop fiddling with your inventory”, and you’re forced to wet yourself standing on the steps. I was much less forgiving on the game the second playthrough, and when I realized it was about doing chores decided to chuck it.

  2. I’d be lying if I said “put hamster in microwave” hadn’t crossed my mind as well. More people need to go back and play the classics.

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