“Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows.”

So says Sonic right before a flying candy pirate ship with a chocolate Eggman Robotnik face for a figurehead arrives for a tussle. Suffice to say, we’ve come a long way since

With Sonic Colors, the cycle is finally broken. Sure, we’ve had some ups — Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush — and though I haven’t played it, I’ve heard decent things about Sonic 4, but by and large all things Sonic have been grim since… oh let’s say 1998. But now we’ve got a real life Next-Gen Sonic game that doesn’t embarrass constantly and is actually fun to play. Want know how I knew everything was going to be alright? Upon hitting start instead of talky nonsense or a forced tutorial there was only pristine untouched road, just waiting for the spinning of hedgehog feet.

For years we’ve slapped our foreheads in frustration. It seems like everyone but Sonic Team knew how to fix Sonic: speed and nothing but. No exploration stages, no fishing for frogs, no searching for crystals buried in cliffsides, and absolutely no the-universe-hangs-in-the-ballence-epic-blah-blah-blah plot. At last Sonic Team have waken up. Colors skillfully combines 3D and 2D play, introduces fun power-ups, and never forgets that Sonic is at his best when he’s moving forward. (The largest criticism of the game I’ve seen is that there are some cheap deaths. Yeah, sure. Dashing into spikes or right into a pit has been a series staple from the very beginning. Might as well complain that Sonic is blue. I much prefer that a Sonic game struggle against its primary flaw, rather than the copious amounts of bullshit we’ve put up with for the past decade.) The game does start talking eventually, but the plot to play ratio is low and the story never takes itself seriously. More akin to a Saturday morning cartoon than the princess-kissing pretension the series has so loved.

What’s more to say? The game’s a delight to play, beautiful to look at, and won’t embarrass you should your mom/significant other/dog walk into the room. It’s not deep, but it’s not supposed to be. It’s Sonic. Finally, it’s Sonic.


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3 responses to ““Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows.”

  1. Tim

    Once I got used to the various ways of jumping (tapping A as opposed to holding A) I didn’t think the bottomless pit deaths were that cheap. Maaaaybe that one conveyor belt section on Planet Wisp. And a few ideas could’ve gone a bit farther maybe, like the school of fish shields in that one water level. But that’s nitpicking! Otherwise, you’re on the money. Sonic’s finally back. Hopefully Sega takes this chance and… doesn’t make another one for a while. Annualized sequels were part of the hedgehog’s problem and now that we got an honest-to-god good one, it’d probably be best to hold off on Sonic Potpourri or whatever they got next for a while. Oh, except for Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Two. :V

  2. Metal Man Master

    I’ve pretty much ignored the console side of the series since Grand Theft Faker came into being from an online poll,* but Sonic Colors has piqued my interest. No trigger-happy antihero hedgehog with mild language, no silver psychic hedgehog, no evil hedgehog that temporarily kills Sonic, no werehog, no sword waggling in a fantasy land with a Zelda ripoff…..This game actually looks good for a change. I’m looking forward to playing Sonic Colors.

    Honestly though, I don’t hate the cast as much as some. I wouldn’t mind if Amy popped up occasionally, but all those male hedgehogs can dive in a woodland fire.

    *If I had my way with that poll, we’d be playing The Misadventures of Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik instead of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shame it would’ve sucked, too.

    • Metal Man Master

      Well, non-Sonic male hedgehogs, anyway. I also don’t mind the evil robot Sonics Doc R.O.B.O.K. sometimes builds, as long as they don’t talk.

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