IFComp ’12: Living Will

Living Will by Mark Marino is a hyperlink game made in Undum. In it you explore the will of E. R. Millhouse, the founder of a world-wide network company, as one of his heirs. A counter keeps track of your inheritance which rises or falls depending on which links you follow, which heir you play as, and if you choose to claim the other heir’s benefits as your own. The actual numbers seem to be randomized. I played the same path two times in a row and got wildly different outcomes, but the game isn’t about making the most money. It’s about encountering a life. I don’t have much to say (as the meat is exploring for yourself) except that I was enthralled, playing over two-dozen times building a picture of Millhouse and exploring variations. Recommended.

On the other hand, “Downtown Abby?”


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