IFComp ’13: The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess is a nice little well-made fairy-tail traditional parser game (my how the times have changed that I’ve got to make that distinction). You play a princess on her wedding day. Just before the climatic kiss a dragon swoops in, burns the castle, and steals your almost-husband. What follows is a brief journey to get him back or something. Despite its shortness, I found Paper Bag Princess enjoyable mostly because its just well crafted. There were no bugs or odd phrasings. Every noun was implemented, and off-beat verbs were accounted for. The few puzzles weren’t hard, and yet satisfying to solve. They could have been horrible if they weren’t so well clued (getting past the dragon in particular). I felt like I was gently led down the right path, while still having enough agency to feel like I was in control.

The ending was rather abrupt. That final confrontation could have tied up the theme more satisfactorily if there had been more to it. Aside from this stumble, Paper Bag Princess is an amusing little amuse bouche. I hope the author enters again next year. I’d like to see what she could do with something a little more meaty.



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2 responses to “IFComp ’13: The Paper Bag Princess

  1. Did you play the updated version? I played the one that was originally submitted to the comp (I like to play offline, and downloaded everything on basically the first day), and did not find everything to be very well-clued. I looked at the updated version and it seemed an improvement, though it’s obviously hard to tell whether something is clued sufficiently when you know the answer already.

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