I’ve been known to comic a page or two from time to time. This here’s a portal to all my work that’s currently on the web.

Drunk Duck

Poopdeck Swabbing (2006-2007) The story of a simple cabin-boy, his scurvy induced hallucinations, and a talking NES.

Nintendo Super Squad (2006-2008) What started as a parody of terrible sprite comics turned into an extended treatise on Mario saying dirty words.

Gamespite Online Issues

Mole Mania (December 15th, 2008) Cartholomew Bertram Ridge  makes his introduction while expanding on the virtues of an unsung Game Boy classic.

Kirby’s Adventure (March 30th, 2009) A look at Kirby’s Adventure and how its GBA remake completely missed the point.

Gamespite Quarterly

The Game Boy! (June 8th, 2009) As part of the issue long celebration of the Game Boy Cart B. Ridge looks at some of the illustrious series that started on the ol’ gray brick.

Mega Man 2 (November 18th, 2009) What makes Mega Man 2 the sixth best game ever? Cart B. Ridge (and the author) don’t know! Luckily Mega Man shows up to help them out.

Mega Man Lit (March 4th, 2010) Sheep Man ushered in a new era of Mega Man, one that even english professors could enjoy. Here’s some more robot masters aimed squarely at the coffee shop crowd.

Mario & Luigi in: The Inside Scoop on Bowser (May 9th, 2010) A Super Squad side story that shows how it really went down inside Bowser’s gallbladder.

Super Mario Bros. 2: One Night… (October 18th, 2010) Luigi dreams of saving the nighttime land of SubCon only to find a surprise or two.

Retronaut Comics

Ardy Lightfoot (April 2nd, 2010) The littlest retronaut blasts off into a series of old games adventures. This time he travels back to ancient egypt  in order to explore the 1990’s.

Sky Odyssey (May 1st, 2010) The littlest retronaut sits in a cardboard box and reveals the terrible secret of his name.

Rocket Knight Adventures (July 6th, 2010) Oat looks back at RKA’s unique structure and learns the dangers of associating with opossums.

McGraw-Hill Mathematics Problem Solving Courseware (September 20th, 2010) Oat recalls a series of great edutainment mysteries that the rest of the world have forgotten.

Dragon Quest (May 27th, 2011) Part of 1Up’s Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Retrospective. Oat looks at Dragon Quest’s Western inspirations and how it turned these into a whole new genre.


5 responses to “Comics

  1. Raiden

    Link to Ardy Lightfoot is broken.

  2. Pingback: A mathematical problem | Apple II Bits

  3. SBB

    Any chance on new Super Squad updates?

  4. Hey bud, your link for the Retronaut comic about Rocket Knight Adventures is wrong. I finally found the page after a lot of digging, though:

    Big fan of your work, sir. I can’t wait to see more from you.

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