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Over at Gamespite we’ve taken inspiration from (i.e. shamelessly copied) Something Awful and created our own”Let’s Play” forum.  A Let’s Play, if you’ve somehow gotten this far with never stumbling on one, is when an enterprising gent or lady plays through a game, documenting and narrating it for everyone’s entertainment. They are great fun to read and are good for experiencing games you haven’t or can’t play.

I’ve got a handful under my belt.

Lone Wolf 1: Flight From the Dark CYOA Role Playing Game| May 2008 | illustrations: Medium | Finished

A playthrough of the first Lone Wolf novel. Lone Wolf was a “Choose Your Own Adventure” type game but with RPG elements  such as battles, hitpoints, and inventories involved. I used suggestions from the audience to decide what adventure was chosen. I  tried to get in one unique drawing in per update. There are some clunkers, but mostly they represent some of my best cartooning.  Odd, as many of them were drawn off the cuff with no planing or special preparation.

Lone Wolf 2: Fire on the Water CYOA Role Playing Game | May 2008 | Illustrations : Medium | Finished

More of the same, but with pirates. Fire on the Water is a better book than Flight From the Dark, so the adventure’s more robust. Still has a lame ending though.


Zork Text Adventure | January 2009 | Illustrations: Heavy | Finished

It’s Zork! Everybody knows Zork. To give my LP more flair than simple text would I illustrated every room, item, and event as pastel drawings done by the main character. Should be fun even for people who are intimately familiar with the game. And if you aren’t, now’s the time to get acquainted with a classic.

Legend of the Ghost Lion RPG | January 2010 | Illustrations: Light | On Hiatus

I play through a terrible old NES RPG for your pleasure. Full of tedious gameplay and perplexing story. At first I wasn’t going to draw any illustrations (as this was my first LP with, you know, actual graphics) but people clamored for them and so I did a few. On hiatus until I can find the energy to finish.

Daymare Town Flash Escape | July 2010 | Illustrations: Heavy (but none of them mine) | Finished

Mateusz Skutnik’s wonderfully creepy pen and ink escape game presented as a found journal. I tried a narrative trick where the protagonist is writing about the events of Daymare Town 1 while experiencing Daymare Town 2. I’m not sure if it worked, but it was fun to write.

Mega Man 2 Platformer | August 2010 | Illustrations: It’s a comic| In Progress

A communal Let’s Play of the best Mega Man game. I only did one level, but I tried to make it a doozy. The rest of the LP is worth reading too; funny people put a new spin on an old chestnut.


 Zork II Text Adventure | November 2010 | illustrations: Heavy | In Progress

 The adventures of Zork in the land Zork to find the secret of Zork continues! This time a wily wizard causes all kinds of shenanigans. How will Zork zork his way out of this one?


One response to “Let’s Play

  1. Kirin

    Your LPs are always a blast, Loki. I’d love to see the end of Ghost Lion, but it’s not like I’m complaining about Zork II either!

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